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Multiplatform in 5 Languages

MSN Doctor is a multiplatform with a medical directory that proposes to the professional member, a marketing plan and medical marketing that ranges from social networks, search engines, video channels, news, mass mailing and additional tools, such as a Contact Center so that the user has a better alternative to manage with the professional he selected

In summary, MSN Doctor is an extension of your commercial logistics, looking for new national or foreign patients 


We have


Social Networks: we have 96 accounts, we total 1.8 million followers

Distributed between: Instagram, Facebook (the most active to sell) LinkedIn, Twitter,

Video Channels: 8 own channels on you tube

Podcast Streaming: Spotify, PodBeam, Anchor and MixCloud

Massive: average of 750,000 subscribers per country that we have presence

News: MSN Health News and MSN

Contact Center: 12 operators distributed in 24 hours, 7 days a week with rotating WhatsApp line

Also: art and design department, video production, technical processes, marketing department, journalists, SEO experts, and other details necessary for the proper functioning

Comercial, Planes, MSN Doctor

Terms and Conditions

Image by Usman Yousaf

Médico, Clínica, Laboratorio, Institutos, Spa: Plan Premium $49.80.- mensual 

  • Banner con foto, información y enlace a su perfil

  • Perfil a Modo de blog con amplio contenido

  • Formulario de Contacto dentro del Perfil

  • Publicación de Curriculum

  • Contact Center, Asistente Virtual en Contact Center 24/7

  • Información de Contacto enlazada a Google Maps

  • Calificación y filtro de calificaciones enlazado a Google Guide

  • Video de Presentación + Diseños Varios

  • Marketing Médico en Redes Sociales

  • Participación en canales de Video y Plataformas de Streaming

  • Envío Masivo Mensual (Email Marketing)

  • Publicación de Artículo relacionado en el News de Salud

  • Promoción en las redes de artículo publicado

Image by humberto chavez

Médico, Clínica, Laboratorio, Institutos, Spa: Plan Básico $26.80.- mensual

  • Banner con foto, información y enlace a su perfil

  • Perfil a Modo de blog con amplio contenido, curriculum y otros detalles

  • Formulario de Contacto dentro del Perfil

  • Servicio de Contact Center

  • Foto en perfil 

  • 1 Flyer (Diseño) 

  • 1 subida quincenal a redes sociales

Image by Martha Dominguez de Gouveia

En todos los casos:

  • Precios no incluyen impuestos de país de residencia

  • Permanencia mínima 6 meses

  • Descuento por pago de 6 meses 15% en cualquier plan

  • El cliente suministrará las imágenes personales

  • Precio por Integración, único pago de $ 25.00.-


How to buy?

Click on Buy and Complete the Form

How to pay?

Once the Purchase form has been received, they will contact you to coordinate the payment methods, they can be by Credit Card (with BAC CREDOMATIC support) or bank transfer.

in which  time to pay?

The charges are not in advance, the first step is to verify that you are a health professional authorized by the authority of the country of origin to carry out a health activity. This point is important for teleconsultation services. MSN Doctor adheres to international provisions on patient protection

How is the application process?

Once the information is verified by the corresponding area, we remind you that, if you do not have a medical record authorized by the health authority corresponding to the country of residence, the contracting is not considered

MSN Doctor does not promote or enable teleconsultation:

  • People or entities that do not have an updated and accredited medical record in an authority or college that enables them to practice

  • Offices or people that promote health tourism trips to and from any destination

  • People or companies that offer medical evaluation without having a medical address authorized for this purpose

Medical Plan Recruitment Form (mandatory fields or not sent) 
¿A qué hora lo podemos contactar?

By submitting this form you authorize us to verify the veracity of the information you provide, prior to any publication, they are not considered professionals who do not have the proper accreditations to practice medicine, nor are students in advanced degrees ... see terms and conditions here

Thank you for your message!

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